Monday, August 4, 2014



Unknown said...

Jury Duty!

Flecton Big Sky said...

from top to bottom:

they stood up to see that he stood taller than they had stood and now, and only now was this understood.

the truck was missing the courage to carry a load but he called OzAA and they said someone was on the way.

we wanted you to play underwater but the health inspector said it wasn't warm enough. we tried to call wendy and lisa for more information regarding the water temperature but they are out buying pink cashmere.

i knew a white cat named howard. he had bowie eyes. i even crashed on his couch while i got my self together. i also had a cat i named shitpipe but he was grey.

we forget we are in orbit at all times.

as time went on, the tree from the old peanuts christmas special took on a new life, but few cared. people like tim.

he is dead people.

hang on edgar, i think this wiseguy is capturing my soul.

when travelling with tim it is best to avoid eye contact on the way, before and after a show.

game face off face face off face.


please don't eat the cookies.

palmela was simply too tall to ever get her face in the picture of the house she grew up in but you might see something else.

levels of creepiness ascending or descending.

well i reckon it must've died right there and no one did ever clean it up but that's another story.

wreck tangle.

bricklip gloss.

the finally act.

you ant see me. i fly no see.

short cuts.



the white lightnings.

workers disposal chute.

the day a pig finally flew,my shutter was slew. oh knew.

in my day a 3 minute shine was a cow urinating on your gumboot.

writer's tool.


buzzcut lighthair.

what if clouds were the shadows of the leaves? whoa. bro. whoa. look at those leaves, then look at those clouds. do it again. see the whoa? told you so.

mais c'est où le passage du nord-ouest mon ami, c'est où? j'ai envie de bouger en esti.

le purr des purres.

the sky is people.

vintage organic hand-rake.

the sky people might get sick.