Sunday, May 11, 2014


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Flecton Big Sky said...

from top to bottom:


grow what you know.

tree yoga class.

fai metho hai.

screen calls.

the money goes to social programs.

post tree yoga.

le baron vehicle sold separately.

ghost grooves.

marvin ignatius lawrence krandell lives there.

the third eyes.

pink and brown getting down.

today. it's always today.

"i work with a rabbit" he sighed.

welcome back kotter is filmed before a live studio audience.

lite years ahead.

little blankets.

we went this fast.


holy brothers good news.

windows was us.

ooh la la.


we never close so you're always on time.

outdoor gallery.

i was so much older then, i'm younger than that now.

audience engaged.

flipper lost face.

bang, gun bang.


busted norma jeans.

wasp lost red dreadlock mon.

blues for red wasp.

pluck plink.


cheval d'hier.

the visual smell of hai karate.