Saturday, December 18, 2010


this man changed the way i look and listen to everything. wishing his enormous soul peace.


M. Heatherington said...


Gonna listen to Trout Mask now. What about you, Tim?

root crown arts said...

mirror man is still my favorite. though, when i was a kid i listened obsessively to trout mask replica. i found it when i was 17 and working in a used record store. it turned everything upside down for me.
as i got deeper into the record it made some things make sense.
years later when i got the cd version i had a hard time hearing it without the scratches and pops. hearing it clearly was a rediscovery and took some getting used to.

M. Heatherington said...

Mirror Man is amazing. I listened to it almost exclusively over the course of my junior year in high school. I know what you mean about it "making things make sense"—Califone makes things "make sense" for me. That's funny that we were both 17 when we listened to Mirror Man. Maybe that's the right age.

Scratches and pops make everything better.

Happy Holidays, Tim.