Wednesday, December 22, 2010



Anonymous said...

you my man, you got some good eyes.
you capture good pictures eh.

here's a mission for you.

people playing ping pong at dawn.

you have 9 days.

i love you. it's me.

Anonymous said...

name of cat/chicken/goat/horse/man the common thread? like "smokey" or something?

root crown arts said...

didn't get names.
cat is named larry but that wont stick. older gentleman in batboy visor is irv. he is great.
the only common thread is they were all taken between dec. 18 and 21. ping pong wont happen. dawn probably will.
closets are for hangers. effff shhhh.

Anonymous said...

larry for a little cat is some big shoes. irv for a guy in a bat boy visor is right on the money. irv looks like he comes from accountant land '83 except for the state of his office. that's a good thing i think.
merry christmas.