Friday, February 7, 2014



Unknown said...

Porcupine puffer! Do they not look like something from Flight of the Navigator?

You should put a book together. All the photos from the US; "America"- 21st century correlate to "The Americans". There's definitely a little bit of a similar feel to some of your photos.

root crown arts said...

Hi Danielle,
The puffer is a visitor from another planet.
"America" for sure! I always did want to do a book. I have a bunch of polaroids from the old days that I'm not sure what to do with. There are a book full of champs in the pile for sure.
Thanks & hope all is well!

Unknown said...

Or maybe something along the lines of, "What the Americans Are up to Fifty-Six Years Later". :P

You should definitely do it. You can just self publish; you've already got your own retail outlet(s).