Saturday, January 26, 2013


 gentle violent magic,, march1&2.sf
stitches is getting real close.esau & jacob climb back inside their can maybe change you.


Thomas Longfellow said...

Love that old ribbon mic pic. Lovely.

annie B said...

Is that Ms.Blumberg in front of the ice machine? Dark as it may be,it looks like the back of her! Also, I took my computer apart recently and it looked just like a city at night seen from an airplane. So strange! I like the way you see the world and string it all together.

root crown arts said...

That's not Ms. Blumberg- but it is a cracked out arizona manchild that might have stolen her hoodie. that was like, 3am in blythe. He hovered by that ice machine waiting for it to spit out some good news.
Thanks Annie. I like the way you see the world! coming from you that's something!

root crown arts said...

That ribbon mic loves me.