Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Bandy Lou said...

I played a gig like that once. I played gtr and the girl scouts sang. The old folks wanted us to play and play. We had to do the set almost twice because we only had about 7 xmas songs worked out. I really like the piano photo. -Bandy Lou

tom caw said...

ham lamb cobra clam!

i can smell the light in those rooms.

suitkacy said...

this series of photos is incredible. it could be a book. these pics got under my skin. really good.

Flecton Big Sky said...

from top to bottom:
- in the future this becomes a smartphone and she's confirming her identity.
- Edna once went on a date with Abe so today's game hit some love nerves.
- from l to r (my 4th of July lei, my spring lei, my winter lei, my casual friday lei, my church lei, my wing night lei)
- i got the handbags, gladrag & headcap blues
- waiting for Gord Ott
- upright belly in C
- standing room lonely
- part the sea
- the Minisee mockup
- Can you see your Mother baby, standing in the shadows?
- Minisee made it!
- The Recline of the third Mike
- your essay! your essay! your essay!
- wavebed

i enjoyed these pics. some of them are quite warm given the cold environs. if you continue to explore this, i've pencilled in a far off weekend to assist. i am going to look into things on this end. my doctors have leads.