Tuesday, January 5, 2010


amyc said...

yes yes yes!

root crown arts said...


jason00454 said...

This song will always bring me back to Cria Cuervos. Such a beautiful film. I'm guessing you're a fan?

root crown arts said...

i love cria cuervos.

jason00454 said...

ana torrent is amazing (again) in it. i searched cria cuervos out after seeing the spirit of the beehive, which may be my favorite film. both of these films stand out in my mind like beautiful dreams. going back and watching them again after learning of their political messages just made them all the more interesting for me.

root crown arts said...

i had the exact same experience. though i saw cria cuervos first.
el espĂ­ritu de la colmena is a perfect film.

ana torrent as a child is almost as good as buster keaton as an adult.

just watched a newer film called - la mujer sin cabeza.. pretty great film.

anyone know the song that's playing on the radio during the car accident?

need to find it. help.

jason00454 said...


Middle Of The Road - Soley, Soley.

Is this it?

root crown arts said...

ha! that's the one!
thank you!!
it's going up--